ACRYLITE® Resist High Impact Acrylic Double Skin Sheet | 16mm, Clear

ACRYLITE® Resist High Impact Acrylic Double Skin Sheet
Product Lengths available in 47.25” by 8’, 10’, 12’, 14’, 16’, 18’, 20’, 22’, 24’, 28’, 36’
Product Specs 8’-16’ is 50 shts/pallet
18’-36’ is 30 shts/pallet
Product Code ORS06
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16 mm ACRYLITE® Resist is a high impact acrylic double-skinned sheet that is light transmitting, heat insulating and highly weather resistant. Made from impact-modified acrylic (polymethyl methacrylate, or PMMA) polymer, it is used mainly as glazing for sloped roof and vertical applications. This product is ideal for situations that require a high load-carrying, long-lasting, glazing material with exceptional impact resistance, hail resistance and toughness combined with easy installation.

The advantages of using 16 mm ACRYLITE® Resist in greenhouses and controlled growing environments include:

  • extraordinary clarity with UV resistance offering protection against excessive amounts of UV radiation
  • Added protection from a completely non-toxic biologically neutral Anti Algae Application that prevents algae, mosses and pollen from adhering to the sheet encouraging decomposition by the natural UV radiation from the sun
  • greater impact resistance during transportation, handling and installation
  • high light transmission in the PAR and visible spectral energy wavelengths – 86%
  • insulating values are offer energy savings of up to 50% and reduced CO2 emissions
  • NO DRIP anti-condensate control coating that, when installed on the outside of the roof, maintains optimal transparency even in bad weather and causes condensation to flow off as a continuous self-cleaning film
  • when installed on the inside of the roof, NO DRIP coating prevents uncontrolled dripping that can result in crop damage and disease
  • easily customizable with stock lengths available up to 28 feet and custom lengths up to 36 feet
  • 30-year non-yellowing, 10-year hail, 10-year light transmission guarantees

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When subjected to a uniform snow load of 15 lb/sq.ft., the 47-1/4” wide sheet, installed on 4 ft. centers, can be installed without any additional cross members up to 16ft. in a suitable aluminum assembly glazing system. Refer to load chart for additional detail.

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