ACRYLITE® Heatstop High Impact Wave Profile | 3mm, Cool Blue White

ACRYLITE® Heatstop High Impact Wave Profile
Product Lengths available in 41” by 12’ and 16’
Product Specs 50 shts/per pallet all sizes
Product Code WZ006
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3 mm ACRYLITE® Heatstop high impact acrylic wave profile is an IR-(infrared) reflecting and weather-resistant sheet made of impact-modified Acrylic (polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA) polymer. The Heatstop component is uniformly distributed throughout the entire sheet.

This unique product is suitable for overhead and vertical installation applications, including:

  • patio covers
  • carports
  • porches
  • verandas
  • façades
  • windbreaks
  • canopies
  • decorative panels

Architects and designers from across the globe repeatedly trust 3 mm ACRYLITE® Heatstop high impact acrylic wave profile for their design projects and have discovered the following advantages:

  • solar energy is reduced up to 75% resulting in a very pleasant and cool environment beneath the glazing
  • excellent protection against harmful UV radiation
  • safe and easy handling
  • significantly thicker than many other corrugated sheets, offering higher inherent rigidity and load bearing capacity resulting in much less deflection under snow load
  • distinct stylish appearance
  • quick and easy fabrication and installation using simple tools and point fastening
  • special weather seal calottes and fasteners available
  • 10-year light transmission and 10-year hail warranties

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