Over the past 40 years, ACRYLITE® has emerged as the world leader in acrylic technology. Working closely with the greenhouse construction industry, ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheet has become a preferred product among the world’s leading growers and horticultural researchers, consistently outperforming other glazing products in commercial, institutional, research and retail greenhouse facilities throughout the world.

Today, designers, fabricators, architects, engineers and end-users across the globe have come to rely on Acrylic sheet products to meet their unique challenges in a broad range of additional markets including POP displays, store fixtures, conservation glazing, architectural interior, furniture, aircraft glazing and security applications. No other plastic comes close to ACRYLITE® in terms of weather resistance, brilliance, transparency and surface hardness.

Key features that make ACRYLITE® high impact acrylic sheets a favored product of builders, designers, architects and commercial greenhouse growers alike include:

  • Incredible ability to transmit light
  • Energy savings capabilities that can reduce costs by up to 55 per cent
  • Exceptional weatherability
  • High impact resistance
  • Ease of customization and fabrication

High load bearing capabilities and exceptionally large panel sizes, highly adaptable and stylish, ACRYLITE®’s light transmitting panels are available in translucent or transparent options with a broad range of tints and surface textures. 

Whether your project is structural or decorative, indoors or out, vertical or overhead, curved or straight, there is an Acrylic building product that will communicate your unique design vision.

For more details on ACRYLITE® multi-wall acrylic sheets, refer to our products section or contact us for assistance.