Advantages of Acrylic

ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic’s state-of-the-art product features provide significant performance benefits in greenhouse growing environments of all types. From the far north to the deep south. From tender seedlings and finicky exotics to hardy bedding plants and hydroponic vegetables.

No matter where your operation is located or what you are cultivating, controlling the growing environment is critical to your bottom line. Acrylic glazing puts the grower in control and provides solid return on investment over decades of use making it the best value in greenhouse covering available today.

High light transmission for growth results

ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheet transmits up to 91% of photosynthetic range (PAR) into the greenhouse. The exceptional clarity of ACRYLITE® acrylic provides the most natural growing conditions and promotes vigorous growth and vibrant bloom color. Optimum growth response and shorter maturity time provide economic advantages that help you grow your profits. 

The ribbed design of ACRYLITE® also diffuses light over the crop canopy, eliminating harsh ‘hot spots’ associated with growing under glass.

ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-walled sheet will retain its light transmission and clarity for decades. In fact, even after 10 years of use, acrylic glazing transmits more light than brand new polycarbonate.

All ACRYLITE® acrylic multi-skin sheets block UV light penetration, however, in applications where UV light transmission is desirable, ACRYLITE® Acrylic is one of the only glazing materials available in a UVT version that transmits the full spectrum of light including ultraviolet.

Never yellows

ACRYLITE® acrylic will not yellow, become brittle or degrade – a promise that is backed with our 30 year no-yellowing warranty – the best in the industry.

Yellowing of plastics is caused by the sun’s UV rays breaking down the glazing, but ACRYLITE® acrylic is 100% naturally UV-stable. Polycarbonate and other plastic covers need a UV barrier or coating to delay yellowing, but must often be replaced after a few years of installation because they have turned yellow. UV barriers are often thin and are highly prone to failure. But ACRYLITE® acrylic is composed of 100% naturally UV-stable molecules throughout the material that stabilizes it from the inside out and protects the entire sheet, not just its surface.

Protection from hail

ACRYLITE® high impact acrylic is strong enough to withstand hail impact – a promise that is backed by a 10 year warranty. The hail warranty is not prorated.

Glass and weathered, fragile polycarbonate cannot protect your greenhouses from damaging hail. ACRYLITE® high impact acrylic protects not only your crops from hail damage, but protects your bottom line from replacement costs.

Energy savings

Energy is a critical cost factor for commercial greenhouse operators. In North America, growers spend an average of $1 to $2 per square foot on heating their greenhouses. With multi-skin acrylic sheet’s natural insulative qualities, you’ll save up to 50% in annual energy and heating costs when compared to single glass glazing.

Patented anti-condensate technology with anti-algae technology

Thanks to the No-Drip anti-condensate technology, ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic sheets maintain optimal transparency even in inclement weather.

This water-dispersing layer causes condensation to flow off as a continuous self-cleaning film, resulting in the highest possible light transmission and eliminating uncontrolled dripping that can result in crop damage and disease.

Strength and durability

The unique polymers of acrylic combined with the geometry makes them inherently stronger. Thicker walls and ribs create a more rigid sheet of greater overall weight designed to provide high live-load carrying capabilities while allowing for greater span distances.

Reduce additional equipment

ACRYLITE® multi-skin acrylic sheet naturally holds heat in, reduces shadows, hot spots and burning. Not only will you require less initial capital investment in heating systems, lights and curtains, you’ll also save on costly maintenance over decades of use.

Life expectancy of 30+ years

Multi-skin acrylic sheet has been proven to perform consistently over decades of use in all types of climates throughout the world.

ACRYLITE® acrylic’s long service life means less replacement costs when compared to inferior glazing materials that must be replaced more frequently, often after just a few years of use.

Environmental protection

Glazing with acrylic helps contribute to a healthier environment through reduced energy use and reduced emissions. Long product life means less old glazing going to landfill sites due to premature failure, but if it must be replaced, acrylic is recyclable for use in making consumer goods. Upon combustion, other plastic coverings produce thick smoke and toxic gases that are harmful to people and the environment. Deterioration from UV rays changes the burning characteristics in many plastics, but thanks to acrylic’s UV stability, its characteristics do not, so in the event of fire, acrylic burns cleaner with less smoke and no release of toxic or corrosive gases.

The best warranties in the industry

ACRYLITE® high impact acrylic is backed with the industry’s best warranties. The non-prorated, full replacement 30 year non-yellowing, 10 year light transmission and 10 year hail warranties protect both your investment and your bottom line.