Greenhouse Applications

Commercial Greenhouses

Originally designed for use in the commercial greenhouse industry more than 40 years ago, the technology behind acrylic multi-skinned sheet has been continually improved through ongoing research and development in cooperation with the world’s leading growers.

The result is the most advanced, state-of-the-art glazing material available today which delivers decades of performance and exceptional return on investment. Commercial growers of all crop types operating in both cold and warm climates recognize the critical role that Acrylic glazing plays in the long-term success and profitability of their operations.

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Research Facilities

The world’s most renowned horticultural research facilities rely on acrylic multi-skin sheet to provide the growing environments that they demand.

Researchers require controlled and stable facility conditions in order to ensure that their results are not adversely impacted. Facilities constructed with acrylic glazing provide consistent light conditions that ensure repeatability and protection from growing envelope breaches.

ACRYLITE® offers options of UV blocking or UV transmitting sheets. This allows researchers to simulate outdoor growing conditions in a tightly-controlled environment by utilizing the full light spectrum, eliminating the need for expensive UV lighting systems.

Virtually trouble and maintenance-free, acrylic allows researchers to focus on their work and trust that it will not be disrupted by glazing fatigue or failure.  

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Institutional Greenhouses

North America’s leading colleges and universities choose ACRYLITE® glazing to provide the very best horticultural teaching environments. Acrylic offers versatility that addresses the challenges of educators across a broad range of facility requirements and climate conditions.

In today’s competitive funding environment, institutions must make smart choices by investing capital in greenhouses that will last for decades, without requiring costly annual maintenance or replacement.

ACRYLITE®'s proven, trouble-free and long-service life, combined with its energy efficient performance and the industry’s leading warranties makes it the best choice for institutional facilities.

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Botanical Gardens, Conservatories and Zoos

To thrive, tropical environments and habitats require a natural full light spectrum. ACRLYITE®'s unique spectral options allow these environments to be artificially replicated to achieve the conditions dictated by the application.

High impact acrylic multi-skinned sheet’s light-transmitting and energy efficiency properties deliver high levels of natural, diffused sunlight, creating a bright, comfortable and safe environment for people, plants and animals. The ability to reproduce desired lighting conditions combined with an exceptionally long service life and significant savings in annual energy costs mean a high level of product satisfaction for curators of acrylic-glazed facilities.

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Retail Environments and Garden Centers

Retailers choose high impact acrylic for its adaptability, practicality and esthetic qualities. The bright, softly diffused light delivered by our acrylic provides protection from UV exposure and allows retailers to showcase their products in the best light.

The solar-controlling tints and infrared reflecting options offered in the ACRYLITE® Heatstop product line allow for optimum control of heat build up and light in order to create a customer-friendly, comfortable shopping environment. Control of presentation and energy costs, as well as protection from maintenance and replacement makes ACRYLITE® the best value in glazing for retail spaces and garden centres.

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